Credits and Acknowledgements

Principal game design and coding by David Rose, but I had the help of lots of existing infrastructure, and several semi-anonymous artists on the web.

The development and distribution of the game on multiple platforms was made possible by the Unity game engine, using the multiplayer networking interface provided by Mirror Networking.

The multiple asteroid models, including the one featured in the game icon, were created by @Gargore and licensed via the Unity Asset Store.

The floating mine model was created by seadraggin and distributed via Thingiverse.

The font used for the title "Gravwar" was created by Jovanny Lemonad .

WebGL hosting code based on Greggman's "A Better Unity WebGL template."

And of course, the inestimable help of my friends and family, for their patience, gameplay suggestions, and playtesting! Thanks Dawn, Rob, Laura, Joey, Karen, Buddha, Serena, Sequoia, Lizzy, and Kermit. Thanks especially to Dawn for always believing in me and the things I create.

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