Privacy Policy

This is the online game Gravwar. We offer a free game for people interested in playing the game Gravwar either by themselves, or with other people on the internet. This game involves dynamic and interactive content unique to each experience.

Gameplay involves interacting with other players in a shared arena; there is no in-game communication system. Players enter an arbitrary "name" to identify themselves to other players within the game; this name has no required correlation to a player's actual name. This name is visible to all other players in the game. We do not attempt to filter this name in any way; users are fully responsible for the names they enter. Users acknowledge that they may be exposed to obscenities and other offensive names entered by other players, and that this is not within our control.

We do not use or store cookies, other than for the purpose of saving players' in-game preferences such as choice of player name; these cookies remain local on the player's computer. We do not store any personally identifying information, either on our servers or on the player's computer. Our web server might log the user's IP address during gameplay as part of the normal course of operation.

For more information, we can be reached via e-mail at

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