Gravwar You're a rock floating in space, with a thruster and a laser. Crash into other rocks--and other players--to gain mass: the biggest rock wins in a collision. Use your lasers and power-ups to take your opponents down to size, or draw them close enough to fall into your gravity well!

Gravwar is a simple, lightweight (pun intended) action game in space. You can play it alone or against other players on the internet. When you play online, you compete with the other players to become the biggest and most powerful--or you can choose to remain small and nimble, striking fast and getting out quick! Play for the challenge of collecting as much mass as you can, or just play for the fun of being a rock in space.

Gravwar can be played on the web, using your computer with keyboard and mouse, or using a game controller; or it can be played on your phone or tablet using the touchscreen. There's a friendly tutorial to help you get started.

Gravwar has its roots in a game of the same name I wrote in the 1980's to play with my friends. I re-created it in 2020 with a modern game engine, during the furlough due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gravwar is meant to be a simple drop-in, drop-out game, which you can play either on your own or in light competition among friends (or friends you haven't met yet).

By default, all players who click the "Play online" button on any device will be playing together in the same space, but in the future it may also be possible to host your own server if you just want to play in a group with only your friends. Contact me at the email address below if you are interested in this feature.

I hope you enjoy playing Gravwar as much as I enjoyed making it! Please drop me a line if you have technical issues or comments about the gameplay.

David Rose

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